First International Bank of Israel HQ, Tel-Aviv
Design Architect: PEI COBB FREED & PARTNERS Architects LLP

Located on an important and sensitive site, in the heart of the financial district of Tel Aviv, opposite the new Stock Exchange, this glass tower is to serve as the headquarters of The First International Bank of Israel.
The building rises to a height of 32 stories, 158 m above sea level, as high as Shalom tower next to it. The basic geometry is 5 triangle prisms. The tower has been shaped so that it does not stand aloof from its surroundings but rather makes a series of engaging gestures toward its neighbors, both the small-scaled historic buildings to be preserved and the larger commercial structures.
The concept for the building was an ice cube, represents full transparency, making this tower in to the first transparent building in Israel.
Within the scope of the project is the preservation of two historic buildings, Beit Va'ad Hakehila and the Rivka Greenwald House, which have been restored and made accessible to the public.

Location: Tel- Aviv
Floor area: 20,000 sqm
Completed: 2009

Enterance loby
Enterance loby
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