10,000 World Architects Exhibition
The UIA2011 Tokyo: The 24th World Congress of Architecture, held in conjunction with UIA2011 Tokyo, will take place in Tokyo, Japan from September 25 to October 1, 2011. This will be the largest international architectural congress in the history of Japanese architecture, bringing together an estimated 10,000 architects from 128 countries around the world.
To mark the significance of this event, we are hosting the 10,000 World Architects Exhibition. Symbolizing UIA2011 Tokyo, this exhibition will convey the messages of architects from around the world through the medium of one project image per architect. Japanese and international architects are invited to participate in the creation of this exhibition, which is open to all architects regardless of affiliation. The exhibition seeks to promote understanding of cultures in different countries through architecture, as well as to convey the architectsユ messages and their works across a broad spectrum of society.

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