Company's Policy

Since the company’s inception in 1988, our projects have always been “client-specific” and “site-specific". We strongly believe that each architectural solution must be “custom-made” to the project in question. This solution results, first, from a close relationship with the client and with the site; from a sound understanding of the technologies involved; and from solid ties with the different companies that will execute the design, making it a reality.

We believe that a good building is the result of closely orchestrated team work. Therefore, we have invested significantly in our abilities to communicate with all elements involved in the process: the client – site – consultants – municipalities – contractors and craftsmen.

A Sense of Place
One of our strongest concerns in a design is THE PLACE for which it is intended. We start every project by discerning a sense of its place. We begin with a methodological study of the site's natural surroundings, climate, and topography, its historic layers and urban connections. Beyond the contextual study, we also establish a bond with the place, aiming for a familiarity that will ensure an optimal and comprehensive design.

How do we achieve this?
First, we explore the site thoroughly, walking, sketching, photographing, collecting samples of its natural materials, colors, textures and smells - until we get its “feeling". We then consider the premise that the place is also the people – those who occupy it now and those who will join  later, when the project is completed. We meet the users of our architecture and get to know them.  Ultimately, the architectural solution we offer brings together the place and the people, with intricate interconnections inside and out and a rich pattern of movement in space for both users and visitors.

The association we forged with TA Planners and Studio Landscape Architecture reflects our belief that this profession spans a wide, deep and continuous human environment. By definition, it transcends and fuses various disciplines – and we incorporate these factors into every one of our projects

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